The Writing-Ready Approach

My students are all good thinkers and have worthwhile ideas. At times, though, they have difficulty expressing those ideas clearly and correctly, especially when they're under pressure and juggling a lot of projects.

I believe most of the problems young people have with writing involve fear:  of not being understood, of not sounding "smart" enough, of having their grammar or vocabulary weaknesses exposed.  But anxieties can be overcome with individualized attention and practice.  

Students need to learn to relax and say things simply and directly. Not only does this allow a teacher to appreciate the good ideas they have; it makes the process of writing more pleasurable, leading to dramatic improvement. 

I help young people present their ideas clearly and correctly, in a voice that sounds like the best version of themselves.   

Writing-Ready is distinct from standardized test prep companies that drill your child in test-taking techniques. My goals are long term. I share methods  that fundamentally change how students approach academic writing, beyond what is needed to merely get into college. As a bonus, they gain confidence and a more positive attitude toward all writing tasks—in college, in graduate school, and in their chosen careers.