"I just wanted to send you an update on Jamie’s early applications. He got into Illinois Engineering, Michigan Engineering, and Notre Dame Business School. Case Western offered him a very generous package and mentioned his essay in their acceptance. Some of his friends with similar academic profiles were not accepted at these schools, so I believe your support on his essay helped enormously.  

    "We also appreciate that you provided structure and a schedule, kept the process moving, and alleviated the last-minute stress and nagging. We would recommend your services to anyone. Merry Christmas!"

                                                                          Brendan Heneghan, Illinois

“My son worked with Theresa on his Common App Essay, plus several supplemental pieces. He’s quirky and unique, and like a lot of kids is a little shy of blowing his own horn. Theresa took the time to talk to him, and together they figured out a topic that would highlight his talents, but keep his humor and modesty intact. He ended up with a killer essay and got into every one of the schools on his list, including his top choice, NYU. The best part was that he was happy with the essay—it actually sounded like him, not some 'college application' version of him!” 

                                                                        Leslie Gilman, South Orange

"Theresa was my editor on Venicewalks, published by Henry Holt in 1990. I have sought her writing counsel many times since. Writing-Ready benefits from so many of Theresa's strengths. She's a mom, who listens closely to your story and your voice; she's a publishing professional, who wields a sharp pencil; she's a poet, who weighs the value of every word; and she's a teacher, who guides you toward your work's essence. And she's still  my editor, who gave me notes on my newest project only two weeks ago."  

                                                                      Chas Carner, New York